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“Real Madrid Unveils Kilometer Zero-Inspired Third Kit for 2021-22 Season”


Adidas has announced the highly anticipated release of Real Madrid’s brand-new third kit for the 2021-22 season. This striking kit pays homage to one of Madrid’s most iconic landmarks, the “Kilometer Zero,” located in the city’s heart and is the starting point for measuring road distances across Spain. The jersey features a discreet compass pattern representing the “Kilometer Zero” landmark, cleverly distributed on the front and back of the shirt. Let’s explore the fascinating details of this unique kit.

Symbolizing Madrid’s Central Role: The Compass Pattern

Undeniably, a soccer team’s jersey is more than just a garment to be worn during matches. It’s a symbol of identity, a display of allegiance, and in many ways, a visual narrative of a team’s story. The new second away kit of Real Madrid is a fantastic embodiment of these aspects, meticulously weaving the club’s heritage with modern aesthetics while championing sustainability and performance.

Throwback to the 90s: The Emerald Green Color Scheme

Firstly, the compass pattern adorning the jersey is a crucial element that leaps to the eye. This pattern does not simply serve as an appealing design detail but carries a symbolic message about Madrid’s position in Spain. As the capital city, Madrid sits at the heart of the nation, both geographically and in terms of cultural, political, and economic significance. The compass pattern encapsulates this ‘central’ status. Wearing the jersey, each player is reminded of Madrid’s core role in Spain and their critical role as representatives of this influential city.

Unity and Connection to Homeland: Spain’s Map and Compass Symbol

The overall color scheme of the kit is a nod to the past while embracing the present. The choice of emerald green is reminiscent of the vibrant designs popular in the 90s. This green shade brings nostalgia, allowing fans and players alike to recall the club’s illustrious history. Simultaneously, the rich color exudes a sense of modernity and energy, aligning with modern football’s dynamism and Real Madrid’s spirit.

Modern Aesthetics: The Simplified Single-Color Crest

We find an illustration of Spain’s map and a compass symbol inside the jersey. The club is a symbol of Madrid and a representation of Spain on a global stage. This design ensures that players can feel a sense of unity and connection with their homeland, carrying a piece of their heritage with them wherever they are. The club’s link to Spain is thus internalized, acting as a quiet source of inspiration and strength during away games.

Championing Sustainability and Performance: Primegreen Fabric and Innovative Technologies

Another design innovation that brings a modern touch to the kit is the introduction of a simplified single-color crest. This streamlined version of Real Madrid’s iconic emblem enhances the cohesiveness of the overall design. The club’s identity remains intact, yet the new range brings a sleek, modern appearance, aligning perfectly with the kit’s aesthetic and the progressive spirit of the club.

The Grand Unveiling: A New Chapter in Real Madrid’s Rich History

The choice of fabric and technology incorporated in the new kit is a testament to Adidas’ commitment to sustainability and performance. Made from PRIMEGREEN, an environmentally friendly, high-performance material, the equipment aligns with global sustainability efforts, thereby setting an example for other clubs to follow—furthermore, Adidas’ innovative HEAT.RDY technology in the player edition and AEROREADY technology in the fan edition ensure optimum comfort during gameplay and while cheering from the stands.

Finally, the second away kit will debut on September 18th, marking a new chapter in the club’s rich history. This kit’s introduction reflects the club’s continuous commitment to enhancing style and performance. It also profoundly expresses the club’s bond with Madrid, its significant landmarks, and its passionate fanbase. It will serve as a symbol of unity and pride and will undoubtedly be worn with honor by players and fans.


Real Madrid’s newly unveiled third kit for the 2021-22 season pays homage to Madrid’s iconic “Kilometer Zero” landmark and symbolizes the club’s central position within Spain. This kit exemplifies the perfect blend of style, performance, and environmental consciousness with its captivating compass pattern, vibrant emerald green color, sustainable materials, and innovative technologies. As Real Madrid players don this remarkable kit and fans proudly wear it, they embody the pride, unity, and legacy of one of the world’s most illustrious football clubs.

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