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Merging Culture and Sport: Adidas Launches Royal Madrid’s Artistic Away Kit for the 2021-22 Season

The Inception of Design: The Madrid Culture Inspires Adidas

Today, the worlds of soccer and style unite excitingly as Adidas officially announces the innovative away kit for the Royal Madrid Football Club for the 2021-22 season. This unique ensemble serves as a love letter to Madrid’s cultural keystones – art, music, and the very essence of humanity.

The heart of the design pulses with inspiration from the eclectic Malasaña district. Adidas’ dedicated product creative team has not only crafted but also interwoven an abstract graffiti design into the fabric of the kit itself. This design is a vibrant salute to the creative spirit and individualistic character of the Malasaña region’s passionate football fans.

Celebrating Madridismo: A Tribute to ‘Grandezza’

This kit encapsulates more than a mere representation of a football team; it embraces the ethos of ‘Grandezza,’ a concept symbolizing greatness. It serves as a tangible manifestation of Madridismo’s spirit, encapsulating the city’s soccer enthusiasts’ intensity, passion, and dynamism.

Before the official launch, the anticipation was stoked by a diverse range of fans and influential local personalities. Through their social media platforms, they unveiled snippets of the new kit, kindling excitement and showcasing a palpable sense of community and regional pride.

A Palette of Victory: Embodying Madrid’s Vibrant Culture

The new away kit is bathed in a shade of blue that symbolizes victory, adorned with accents of lucky orange and further white details. This vibrant color combination is a testament to Spain’s capital city’s lively and rich culture.

Adding a dash of sophistication is a specially designed Royal Madrid icon. Artistically embedded on the collar, it is a stylish reminder of the club’s illustrious history and enduring legacy.

Sustainability at the Forefront: The PRIMEGREEN Initiative

Spearheading the cause of environmental sustainability, Adidas has chosen PRIMEGREEN as the material for the new kit. PRIMEGREEN is a high-performance, eco-friendly material that reflects Adidas’ commitment to sustainable innovation and responsible manufacturing.

Designed for Comfort, Optimized for Performance

Catering to the needs of the players, the kit is equipped with Adidas’ ground-breaking HEAT.RDY technology. This advanced technology facilitates cooling and enhances sweat evaporation, providing a comfortable feel to players and enabling them to maintain their composure during intense matches.

On the other hand, the fan version utilizes AEROREADY technology, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed wearing experience. This innovation helps fans stay calm and prepared, letting them enjoy every match in comfort and style.

The Grand Debut: Royal Madrid Steps Out in Style

The Royal Madrid Women’s team will be the first to don this fashionable new attire in their match against Sparta Prague today. Hot on their heels, the men’s team will sport the new away kit during their much-anticipated game against AC Milan on August 8.

This unveiling represents more than a jersey’s launch. It’s a grand celebration of Madrid’s diverse culture, a heartfelt tribute to the community’s spirit, and a significant leap towards sustainable innovation in sports fashion. It reflects Madrid’s effervescent, passionate soul, underscoring the resonating theme of ‘Grandezza.’

A Nod to the Malasaña District: Artistry and Passion Interwoven

Set at the heart of Madrid, the Malasaña district is renowned for its lively spirit, artistic flair, and vibrant music scene. It’s only fitting that Adidas looked to this culturally rich region as a muse for the Royal Madrid Football Club’s 2021-22 away kit.

The abstract graffiti the Adidas product creative team designed was more than just plastered onto the fabric. Instead, it was seamlessly integrated, becoming one with the kit’s material, embodying the raw energy and artistic passion the district is famed for.

The Spirit of ‘Grandezza’: Representing the Madridismo Ethos

The term ‘Grandezza,’ signifying greatness or grandeur, is not just a concept for the fans of Royal Madrid; it is a way of life. The newly unveiled away kit captures this sentiment beautifully as a wearable embodiment of the passionate Madridismo ethos.

The pre-launch campaign was orchestrated with precision, using the power of social media to build anticipation. Fans and local influencers subtly teased the new kit, showcasing the community spirit deep within Madrid’s heart.

Vibrant Hues: Echoing the Dynamic Culture of Madrid

The dominant victorious blue of the new kit, accented by lucky orange and white details, beautifully mirrors the dynamic culture of Madrid. It’s a lively color palette designed to symbolize the enthusiasm of Spain’s capital city, regarded as a melting pot of diverse cultures and experiences.

The kit is only complete with the artistically rendered Royal Madrid icon on the collar, reminding the club of its storied past and its continued pursuit of glory.

Eco-Friendly Innovation: Embracing PRIMEGREEN

At the core of Adidas’ mission is a commitment to sustainability, a principle clearly illustrated by the choice of PRIMEGREEN for the new kit. This high-performance, eco-friendly material signals a step towards a more sustainable future in sports apparel without compromising quality or performance.

Promising Comfort and Peak Performance

Adidas’ HEAT.RDY technology is incorporated into the player’s kit, ensuring optimal comfort during high-pressure matches. It effectively promotes cooling and sweat evaporation, allowing the players to perform at their peak while maintaining a comfortable body temperature.

Fans are kept up, with the AEROREADY technology ensuring they can support their team in complete comfort, staying calm and prepared for the thrill of every match.

The Unveiling: Showcasing the New Kit on the Field

The grand unveiling of the new attire will see the Royal Madrid Women’s team taking to the field against Sparta Prague, marking the kit’s first official outing. The men’s team will follow suit, stepping out in their new away kit for their match against AC Milan on August 8.

This launch is a bold statement from Adidas and Royal Madrid – a fusion of sport, culture, and sustainability, representing Madrid’s vibrant heart and reaffirming the ‘Grandezza’ spirit. It is much more than a jersey; it is a celebration of the city, the team, and the fans, making Royal Madrid a symbol of greatness.

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