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Real Madrid 21/22 season jersey details

A Celebrated Unveiling

In an exciting revelation today, Adidas unveiled the new home kit for Real Madrid for the 2021-22 football season. With this innovative design, Adidas seeks to encapsulate the enduring unity and solidarity that bind together the team, players, and legions of fans worldwide. The new kit echoes the unique spirit of Los Blancos, the renowned nickname of the Madrid team, enhancing the anticipation for the upcoming season.

The Symbolism of Design: Celebrating Unity

The new home kit is not just a piece of sportswear; it is a profound symbol of the united spirit of the entire Real Madrid family. This unity, deeply ingrained in the club’s history, has been a significant contributor to the legendary success of Los Blancos. Reflecting this legacy, Adidas has taken inspiration from the universal love and admiration for the team, skillfully incorporating a subtle spiral pattern into the iconic white color scheme, which has been synonymous with Real Madrid for generations.

Paying Tribute to a Beloved Landmark

The spiral design on the kit serves as a meaningful tribute to one of Madrid’s cherished landmarks – the fountain in the Plaza de Cibeles. Beyond being a significant monument in Madrid, the plaza is also a traditional gathering spot for fans to revel in the team’s victories. The spiral design represents the water of the fountain, creating a connection between fans worldwide, the city of Madrid, and the spirit of celebration that permeates the Real Madrid community.

Colors That Speak Volumes

Adding depth to the aesthetics of the new kit, Adidas introduces a refreshing white base color, complemented by vibrant accents of lucky orange and saturated blue. These colors embody the lively and spirited culture of Madrid, reflecting the city’s pulsating energy in every thread. Moreover, the circular collar pattern, sponsor logo, and the brand’s iconic three stripes proudly showcase a contrasting design in orange and blue, creating a dynamic visual that is sure to resonate with fans and players alike.

Words from the Designer

Adidas Football Designer Marco Omiccioli brings his vision into sharp focus: “Real Madrid is a unique team with a distinct history. Our goal with the new kit is to capture simplicity and uniqueness, embodying the essence represented by the team’s emblem – an unyielding drive for victory. We hope that this kit will instill a sense of pride in the hearts of fans and players who call Madrid their ‘home’.”

Innovating with Core Values

In an age where sustainability and innovation are of paramount importance, Adidas embraces these values in the creation of the new kit. Crafted from PRIMEGREEN, a high-performance fabric created from recycled materials, the kit symbolizes a commitment to environmental responsibility. The player’s version of the kit incorporates Adidas’s innovative HEAT.RDY technology, promoting efficient cooling and sweat-wicking to provide optimal comfort on the pitch. Conversely, the fans’ edition employs AEROREADY technology, ensuring comfortable wear and helping fans remain cool, echoing the players’ readiness on the field.

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