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Rangers FC Away Kit History: A Journey Through the Club’s Previous Jerseys


In the rich history of Rangers Football Club, the iconic blue jersey has become synonymous with the team. However, the away kits worn by Rangers throughout the years have also played a significant role in the club’s identity and evolution. This blog post takes you on a fascinating journey through the Rangers FC away kit history, showcasing the various designs and styles that have adorned the players over the decades.

Early Years (1872-1900):
During the early years of Rangers, the concept of distinct home and away kits was not prevalent. The team often wore a simple white shirt with a blue sash when playing away from home. These jerseys were basic in design, reflecting the simplicity of football attire during that era.

The Blue and White Stripes (1901-1919):
In the early 20th century, Rangers introduced a striking blue and white striped away kit. This design featured alternating vertical stripes of blue and white, accompanied by blue shorts and white socks. The blue and white stripes became an iconic look for Rangers and symbolized the club’s dominance on the pitch.

The Classic Red (1920-1928):
During the 1920s, Rangers made a significant departure from their traditional blue colors for their away kit. The club introduced a bold red jersey with white shorts and red socks. This unique choice of color was a tribute to their Scottish rivals, Celtic FC, who also sported red as their away color. The red kit, although short-lived, added a fascinating twist to the Rangers’ away attire.

Yellow and Blue (1929-1950):
From the late 1920s until the 1950s, Rangers adopted a vibrant yellow and blue away kit. The jersey featured a predominantly yellow color with blue accents, complemented by blue shorts and yellow socks. This combination of colors not only represented the club’s adventurous spirit but also ensured visibility on the pitch during matches played in adverse weather conditions.

The Return to Blue (1951-1970):
In 1951, Rangers reverted to their traditional blue color for their away kit. The jersey was primarily blue, with white accents and trimmings. This classic design became synonymous with the Rangers’ away uniform and endured for several decades. It represented the club’s commitment to tradition and excellence.

The Adidas Era (1971-1984):
The partnership between Rangers and sportswear giant Adidas began in 1971, bringing about a fresh wave of innovation in the club’s away kits. The 1970s saw various designs, including a blue jersey with white stripes running diagonally across the chest. In the 1980s, Adidas introduced bold patterns and color combinations, such as a white jersey with red and blue vertical stripes, showcasing a more modern and dynamic style.

The Simplicity of White (1985-2002):
From the mid-1980s until the early 2000s, Rangers opted for a simple, yet elegant, white away kit. The jersey featured minimalistic designs, often incorporating blue or red trimmings. This clean and crisp look exuded professionalism and a sense of unity within the team.

Modern Era (2003-present):
In recent years, Rangers’ away kits have witnessed a blend of traditional elements and contemporary designs. The club has experimented with various colors, including black, grey, and even luminous green. These innovative choices have aimed to provide a fresh twist while paying homage to the club’s rich heritage.


The journey through Rangers FC’s away kit history is a captivating one, reflecting the evolution and identity of the club over the years. From the early days of basic white shirts with blue sashes to the iconic blue and white stripes, Rangers’ away kits have showcased the team’s commitment to excellence and their rivalry with Celtic FC.

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