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Celebrating Fan Creativity: The Adidas x Real Madrid 2017-18 Third Kit

A Collaboration That Made History

A significant moment in sports apparel history was made today as Adidas unveiled the team’s brand-new third kit for the 2017-18 season in a groundbreaking partnership with Spanish football giant Real Madrid. What makes this jersey different is how it was crafted – entirely designed by the fans, the lifeblood of any football club.

The concept behind this initiative was not just to produce another jersey but to ignite the global community of football fans, harnessing their creativity through Adidas’s innovative digital platform “Creator Studio.” This marked the beginning of an era where the line between fans and clubs blurred, giving birth to a product that was true of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans.

Shaking Up the Game with Creator Studio

The Adidas “Creator Studio” is not just another digital platform. Launched in the summer of 2017, it represented a bold step in engaging the global football community. By providing a platform for fans to design the third kit for some of the world’s most iconic clubs – Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Juventus, AC Milan, and Flamengo –Adidas gave fans a unique chance to make their mark on their favorite teams.

The competition format was simple yet powerful. After designs were submitted, they were put forward for public voting, where fans picked their favorite techniques, narrowing the competition to the top 100. In the final stage, each team’s most fashionable players chose the design they would be sporting for the season, adding another layer of excitement for fans.

The Design That Won Hearts and Votes

Real Madrid’s third kit for the season was a brainchild of Jesus Serrano, a devoted fan with a keen eye for design. Drawing inspiration from modern digital art, Serrano incorporated an innovative mosaic pattern into the jersey. This unique design, splashed across a distinguished Turkish blue backdrop and accentuated by black and white details, brought a fresh, dynamic look to the reigning European champions. His design transformed a standard football jersey into a canvas of creativity and innovation.

Performance Meets Sustainability

Like any sports apparel, the new kit’s design was not just about aesthetics. Adidas ensured it would also contribute to enhancing player performance and comfort. Constructed from ultra-lightweight materials, the jersey was designed to be flexible and elastic, giving players an edge on the field with increased freedom of movement and improved breathability.

Moreover, the mass-produced version of the jersey utilized Adidas’ climacool ventilation technology, a forward-thinking approach to sports apparel. This technology uses strategically placed holes, breathable fabric, and unique stitching techniques to keep players dry and comfortable throughout the most challenging matches.

In alignment with Adidas’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability, the jersey is stylish, functional, and eco-friendly. Produced from recycled polyester, it helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions, minimizes environmental impact, and shows that high performance and sustainability coexist.

The Future of Fan Engagement

The collaboration between Adidas and Real Madrid is a shining example of the power of fan engagement and the inspiring innovation it can lead to. Adidas tapped into a reservoir of fresh ideas by involving fans in the creation process. It brought a sense of community and ownership to an industry often seen as distant from its fans. This bold venture is a call to action for other businesses to rethink how they design and develop their products and an inspiration for them to seek out and harness the creativity of their communities.

Beyond the Design: An Emblem of Pride

Adidas and Real Madrid’s collaboration not only produced a jersey; it became an emblem of fan loyalty and engagement, representing their deep-seated passion for the game and their team. Each time the players stepped onto the field in their fan-designed kits, they showcased an innovative design and demonstrated the strength of their community, adorned in a design proudly created by one of their own.

The third kit is a testament to a fan’s pride, love, and deep connection to their team, an element often missing in traditional sportswear. Jesus Serrano’s innovative design was a tribute to his dedication as a Real Madrid fan, a tangible symbol of his support for the club he admires.

Looking Forward: The Future of Sports Apparel

The Adidas “Creator Studio” success presents an exciting future for sports apparel, hinting at the limitless potential of crowd-sourced creativity. This initiative opened the doors for fans worldwide to participate in the journey of their favorite clubs more actively than ever before.

Moreover, it opened avenues for companies to leverage their fans’ passion, knowledge, and creativity. With advancements in technology and social media platforms, fan engagement will undoubtedly play a more significant role in shaping the future of sports apparel.

In terms of sustainability, the eco-friendly approach of the new kit sets a new standard for future designs. It highlights the importance of integrating environmental conservation into all aspects of business, even in industries where it might seem less relevant. This precedent will inspire more sports companies to prioritize sustainability in their future endeavors.

In conclusion, unveiling the Real Madrid third kit represents more than just a new jersey for the 2017-18 season. It symbolizes fan engagement, creative innovation, player comfort, and environmental sustainability. It’s proof that when businesses tap into the power of their communities, they foster deeper connections and pave the way for groundbreaking innovation.

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