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The Adidas-Real Madrid Alliance: Unveiling the 2017-18 Season Jerseys – A Timeless Fusion of Innovation, Performance, and Sustainability

A Landmark Collaboration in Football

It’s a time of excitement in the football world as sportswear giant Adidas collaborates with one of the globe’s most successful football clubs, Real Madrid, to introduce their new home and away kits for the 2017-18 season. Known for their innovation and style, Adidas has once again managed to exceed expectations, creating jerseys that are not just functional and fashionable but also deeply rooted in Real Madrid’s rich history.

Celebrating a Long-Standing Legacy

The bond between Adidas and Real Madrid goes beyond a simple partnership. Over the years, their collaboration has been marked by numerous victories and unforgettable moments on the pitch, creating a rich shared history that continues to evolve. The new jerseys for the 2017-18 season thoughtfully pay homage to this enduring alliance. On the lower side of the jerseys, a specially designed emblem commemorates Real Madrid’s momentous journey of 115 years, from its inception in 1902 to its continuing success in 2017. This emblem is a silent yet profound reminder for the wearers and spectators, signifying the club’s transformation from a local team in Madrid to a household name in international football.

Tradition Reimagined: The New Home Kit

Real Madrid’s home kit is iconic in its pure white color, a tradition that has become synonymous with the club since its inception in 1902. The new home kit carries this tradition forward with a delightful and imaginative twist. Inspired by the beautiful hues of Madrid’s summer skies, the kit introduces a faint diagonal pattern, bringing a unique texture and depth to the jersey. Adding another layer of aesthetic innovation, the hallmark Adidas three-stripe detail, recognized globally, is bathed in a youthful sky-blue shade. This classic white and sky blue amalgamation breathes new life into the home kit, promising to offer fans and players a refreshing perspective on Real Madrid’s identity.

An Ode to Historic Victories: The Away Kit

Just as the home kit respects tradition, the away kit remembers victory. It refers to many of Real Madrid’s historic triumphs symbolized by dark-toned jerseys. These tones, deeply embedded in the club’s victorious past, awaken a sense of nostalgia and pride every time they are worn. The 2017-18 season black jersey is enriched with a vibrant contrast – striking turquoise detailing that sparkles against the dark backdrop, akin to the stars that brilliantly illuminate the night sky. This color combination is no mere design choice; it reflects the enduring spirit of determination and triumph that embodies Real Madrid. With every wear, it serves as a reminder of the glorious victories from the past while inspiring new ones.

Enhancing Performance Through Design

Beyond the aesthetics, the new 2017-18 jerseys also amplify performance. Utilizing innovative, lightweight materials that do not compromise flexibility or elasticity, these jerseys offer players an enhanced level of comfort and freedom of movement. This innovation aims to make players swifter on the field, potentially altering the game’s dynamics. The improved breathability ensures comfort, further aiding player performance.

A Step Towards Sustainability

Adidas continues to lead the way in sustainable sportswear, and these new jerseys are no exception. The mass-produced versions incorporate Adidas’s climacool technology, strategically employing vented fabrics and unique stitching techniques to keep players dry and comfortable. Notably, these jerseys are made from recycled polyester, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions during production. This environmentally-conscious approach aligns with Adidas’s commitment to sustainability and mirrors a growing trend in the sportswear industry.

Conclusion: A Forward-Thinking Collaboration

The Adidas-Real Madrid 2017-18 collaboration perfectly fuses tradition, innovation, and sustainability. While steeped in history, the jerseys also reflect a forward-thinking approach to sportswear design – a blend of traditional aesthetics, modern technology, and environmental responsibility. This alliance sets a new benchmark in sportswear, demonstrating how classic design and progressive innovation can coexist to create garments that are not only visually appealing but also contribute to a greener planet.

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