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Unveiling Real Madrid’s 2015-16 Third Kit: A Stellar Tribute to the Unforgettable Champions League Nights


A chapter on soccer history was written in Marseille, a city pulsing with energy and passion for football. Hours before the UEFA Champions League group stage draw ceremony, Adidas, the renowned global sportswear brand, released the new third kits for six eminent football clubs in Europe. This elite group includes Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Juventus, and AC Milan. Each kit, a part of the “Spark in the Night” collection, mirrors the vast, tranquil canvas of the night sky, integrating each club’s legacy, passion, and unique cultural facets.

Unfolding the “Spark in the Night”

The “Spark in the Night” collection is more than just a series of sportswear designs. It’s a vivid symbol. They share 28 Champions League titles between the six clubs – a testament to their might in the European football scene. With its creative prowess, Adidas has seamlessly woven narratives of its historical legacy, enthusiastic fan bases, and the vibrancy of its respective cities into the design of each third kit.

Real Madrid’s Tribute to the Glittering Night Sky

Real Madrid’s kit, in particular, stands out with its distinct mix of indigo and bright blue. The club, known for its rich tradition and countless victories in football, sees its legacy reflected in these colors. The hues symbolize the numerous, legendary Champions League battles that have been fought under the expansive night sky of Madrid. The kit doesn’t merely clothe the players; it brings to life the storied tradition and evokes inspiration and reverence.

Leveraging Adidas’s Pioneering Adizero Technology

The third kit isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a fusion of design and advanced technology. Adidas has incorporated its groundbreaking adizero technology into the fabric. This technology enhances a player’s speed and comfort during the game. The ultra-lightweight fabric ensures superior breathability, allowing the athletes to move freely and perform their best without compromising elasticity and durability.

Prioritizing Fan Comfort

For the loyal supporters, the fan version of the jersey incorporates the climacool technology by Adidas. This tech-savvy move ensures sustained comfort, providing a cooling effect and keeping dryness at optimum levels, regardless of weather conditions. The fans, or Madridistas, can now support their team in style and comfort, making the matchday experience even more memorable.

Completing the Look: The Third Shorts and Socks

The new season’s look would be complete with the third pair of shorts and socks. Following the overarching theme of indigo, they are embellished with bright blue stripes. The coherent color scheme offers a striking aesthetic that aligns perfectly with the jersey, completing the new matchday look.

Connecting the Past and the Present

Every detail of Real Madrid’s 2015-16 third kit has been thoughtfully curated to represent the team’s rich history. The indigo and bright blue colors aren’t mere stylistic choices but a subtle nod to the countless historical battles in the Champions League under the Madrid night sky. In this sense, each game played in the new kit isn’t just a moment in the present, a connection to the past, and an anticipation of future glories.

A Material Difference: Adizero Technology

Regarding sports performance, every detail matters, including what the athletes wear. The third kit, featuring Adidas’s pioneering adizero technology, aims to provide an edge to Real Madrid players. This lightweight, breathable fabric supports players’ agility, speed, and overall comfort, reducing the barrier between the athletes and their best performance.

Spectators’ Comfort: Climacool Technology

Football isn’t just about the players on the field. The spectators, particularly the ardent fans who fill the stands and cheer for their teams, are an integral part of the game. Recognizing this, Adidas ensures that the fans are included, introducing the climacool technology in the fan version of the jersey. The technology keeps the wearers cool and dry, enabling them to focus on the thrilling match ahead.

Completing the Kit: Harmonizing with Indigo

A team’s kit extends beyond the jersey. Complementing the unique color theme of indigo and the bright blue of the third jersey, the third pair of shorts and socks follow suit. The colorful blue stripes on the indigo background capture the viewers’ eyes and complete the stylish, coherent look of the new season.

Looking Ahead

With the launch of the 2015-16 third kit, a new chapter begins in the rich narrative of Real Madrid. As the players don their new attire, they carry the legacy of past champions while inspiring future generations to etch their own stories of victory and glory. This third kit serves as a symbol – a celebration of past triumphs, a statement in the present, and an inspiration for future successes under the enchanting night sky of Madrid.


Adidas has meticulously crafted Real Madrid’s third kit, marrying innovative sports technology with thoughtful, symbolic design. This season, as the squad takes to the field adorned in their new attire, they are not only participating in the present football narrative but also honoring the epic past and inspiring future generations to carve their legends under the captivating night sky of Madrid.

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