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How Real Madrid’s 21/22 home kit stacks up against previous designs

Real Madrid is one of the most successful and iconic football clubs in the world. With a rich history and tradition of success, the club is known not only for its performances on the pitch, but also for its stylish and eye-catching kits. The Real Madrid 2021/2022 season home jersey is no exception. In this article, we take a closer look at the latest design and compare it to some of the most iconic kits in the club’s history.

2021/2022 Home Kit

The Real Madrid 2021/2022 Home Shirt is a modern take on the traditional all-white design. The jersey features a subtle blue stripe pattern that runs diagonally across the jersey, giving it a fresh and modern look. The adidas stripes on the shoulders are also blue and complement the stripe pattern on the jersey.

One of the standout features of this kit is the collar. This is a classic round neck style with yellow trim. There is a touch of blue inside the Real Madrid team logo, which represents the club’s good mood for the future. The yellow embellishment on the cuffs represents noble glory. Yellow is also used in The logo on adidas, represents a symbol of dignity, making it an important and symbolic addition to the jersey.

The shorts and socks of the jersey are also white, and the Adidas stripes on the shorts are blue, which echoes the stripes on the jersey. Overall, the Real Madrid 2021/2022 Home Shirt has a sleek, modern design featuring a classic all-white design with some subtle but important additions to make it stand out.

Real Madrid’s iconic jerseys from the past

Real Madrid have had some iconic jerseys throughout their history. From the classic all-white design to the bold and bold designs of the 90s, the club has always been at the forefront of football fashion.

The 1954/1955 home jersey is one of Real Madrid’s most iconic. It is the first jersey to feature the iconic all-white design that has become synonymous with the club. The suit also has a button-down collar and gold stripes along the sides of the shorts, giving it a classic and timeless look.

Another iconic jersey is the home jersey of the 1980/1981 season. It featured a white shirt with a bold purple stripe down the middle, and purple shorts. A departure from the traditional all-white design, the shirt was a bold and daring choice that paid off after the club won that season’s La Liga title.

In the 1990s, Real Madrid experimented with bold and daring designs, such as the 1995/1996 home kit. It features a white jersey with a bold purple and teal graphic on the front, making it one of the most unique and memorable kits in the club’s history.

How to match the home jersey for the 2021/2022 season?

Compared with some of Real Madrid’s iconic jerseys in the past, the design of the home jersey for the 2021/2022 season is more refined and modern. However, it still retains the classic all-white look that has become synonymous with the club, while adding a touch of modernity.

The blue stripe pattern on the jersey and adidas blue stripes on the shoulders add a modern touch to the jersey, while the yellow and blue combination pays homage to the club’s long history and successful tradition.

Overall, the Real Madrid 2021/2022 season home jersey features a sleek, modern take on the classic all-white design. It might not be as bold or daring as some of the iconic jerseys of the past, but it still manages to stand out and make a statement. With its clean lines, subtle details and classic design, this shirt is sure to be popular with Real Madrid fans all over the world.

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