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The Inspiring Story Behind Real Madrid’s 21/22 Home Kit Colors

Real Madrid is one of the most successful and iconic football clubs in the world. They have a rich history and a strong tradition of excellence that has made them a powerhouse in the sport. Their home kit is an important symbol of this legacy and is instantly recognizable by fans around the globe. The 21/22 home kit, in particular, stands out with its striking combination of white and blue. In this article, we will explore the inspiring story behind the colors of Real Madrid’s 21/22 home kit.

The Color White: A Symbol of Excellence and Tradition

The color white has been a defining feature of Real Madrid’s home kit since the club was founded in 1902. The club’s founders chose white as the primary color of their kit to symbolize the purity and excellence of their team. The all-white kit has since become an iconic symbol of the club’s rich history and success.

Real Madrid has always been a club that values tradition and heritage, and the color white reflects this. The all-white kit is a reminder of the club’s long and successful history, and it serves as a source of inspiration for players and fans alike. It represents the club’s commitment to excellence and their desire to maintain their status as one of the world’s greatest football teams.

The Color Blue: A Tribute to the Sky of Madrid

While white has always been the dominant color of Real Madrid’s home kit, the addition of blue in the 21/22 kit is a significant departure from tradition. However, the blue color is not random. It has a deep and symbolic meaning for the club and the city of Madrid.

The blue stripes on the kit are a tribute to the sky of Madrid, which is known for its clear blue color. The city has a special place in the hearts of Real Madrid fans, and the blue stripes are a way to pay homage to the city that has played such an important role in the club’s history.

The blue stripes also represent the club’s commitment to innovation and progress. Real Madrid is a club that is always looking to push the boundaries and explore new horizons. The addition of blue to the home kit is a testament to the club’s willingness to embrace change and push forward into the future.


Real Madrid’s 21/22 home kit is a perfect representation of the club’s values and traditions. The white color symbolizes the club’s commitment to excellence and tradition, while the blue stripes pay tribute to the city of Madrid and represent the club’s desire for innovation and progress. The kit is a beautiful and inspiring piece of design that will be cherished by fans for years to come. As Real Madrid continues to dominate on the field and inspire football fans around the world, their home kit will remain a powerful symbol of the club’s enduring legacy.

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