Adidas and Manchester United FC launch the new away jersey 2022-23 , taking a bold step forward with a new design while paying homage to the traditional kits of the past.The all-over venom green jersey sets itself apart from the home and away jerseys with its use of vibrant colours, while incorporating a geometric pattern similar to the rest of the season’s jerseys.Although never before used in full in the design of a shirt, green has a strong association with Manchester United’s history. It has been part of some of the most prestigious moments in the club’s history, evolving from the traditional colour of the goalkeeper’s shirt to the more striking colour of the surrounding garments in recent years.

The new jersey is made entirely of recycled material and features Adidas’ innovative HEAT.RDY technology, which promotes perspiration and air circulation to create a dry and comfortable feeling, helping players to feel confident on the pitch. The fan version of the shirt is made from AEROREADY fabric, which absorbs sweat and creates a dry feel to accompany fans on the pitch.
The second away shirt made its debut on 13 August at Manchester United’s match against Brentford.

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