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M1 long-endurance GPS folding drone.04


1、GPS 1 key back to the takeoff point, low power back to the flight, no signal back to the flight.

2、①GPS intelligent following; ②Image following: recognition of gps signal for automatic flight following.

3、Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-3m from the aircraft, facing the camera to make photo gestures / camera gestures.

4, route multi-point planning flight: the aircraft according to the set route independent flight, the player shooting.

5、Fixed point surround: find the center point of the surround, and then move the desired surround radius through the joystick.

6、Flight retrieval function: Click the GPS signal icon 3 times continuously to open the map interface, the map shows the distance, latitude and longitude position of the flight.

7、Photo and video sharing: You can share photos by single or multiple selection, and videos can only be shared individually each time. 8、HD wide angle 90° adjustable camera

9、11.1V plug-in smart lithium battery.

Remarks: The above quotation not including the TF card price

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