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1Commodity acceptance

1. The consignee shall inspect the goods when signing for the goods. 2. matters involving the surface consistency of the goods, the consignee shall be accepted when signing for the goods. The "surface consistency" referred to in this article means that the surface condition of the goods received can be judged by the naked eye to be good and consistent with the online description, and the scope of judgment of the surface consistency includes but is not limited to the shape, size, quantity, weight, etc. of the goods. 3. The consignee has the right to refuse to sign for the goods if he/she finds that the surface is not consistent when signing for the goods. The seller shall promptly contact the consumer after the merchandise is rejected for processing. 4. For goods that need to be signed for and then open the package to view, the consignee should ask the carrier to supervise and open the package on the spot to view, and if surface inconsistencies are found, the details should be noted on the signature form (consignee and carrier) and have the carrier sign to confirm or return the goods directly. 5. If the consignee refuses to sign for the goods without valid reasons, the shipping cost shall be borne by the consumer. 6. After the consignee refuses to sign for the goods, the seller shall promptly contact the carrier to retrieve the goods. The seller shall bear the cost of additional freight and storage fees arising from the seller's negligence in retrieving the goods.

2Let the seller know your item hasn't arrived

If the estimated delivery date for your item has passed, and you still haven't received your item, let the seller know. You have 30 days from the estimated delivery date to inform the seller that you didn't receive your item.

3Get your refund

If the seller offers to give you your money back, they have 2 business days to issue your refund. When they do, you'll receive an email letting you know.It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for a PayPal refund to go through. If you paid with a credit card, it may take up to 30 days to process, depending on your card provider.

4Canceling your case

If your item arrives, you can choose to cancel your case. Here's how to cancel a case: 1、Go to your Purchase history and find the item. 2、Select See request details in the More actions dropdown menu.3、Select Close your request and choose your reason from the dropdown menu.It's important to make sure you're certain you want to cancel a case, as you won't be able to re-open it once it's been closed.

5Return an item for a refund

If your item arrives damaged, doesn't match the listing description, or is the wrong item, you can return it for a refund. If you've changed your mind and want to return it, you can ask the seller if they'll accept a return.

6Sending items back

When your return request is accepted, you will either receive a seller return label, or you will be asked to purchase one directly from the carrier. If you are asked to purchase a return label and purchase the label on, we will deduct the cost of the label from your refund or charge you separately via PayPal. Who pays for shipping depends on why you are returning the item.When you send your item back, please be sure to add a tracking number to your return request to avoid delays or problems with the refund process.Remember, the condition of the item you send back to the seller is important, so please repackage it carefully. If you return an item that was used, damaged, missing parts or damaged due to improper packaging, the seller may deduct it from the refund to cover the loss in value of the item.

7Shipping time

1. The seller ships the next day after the order is placed, except for those with special provisions. 2. If the seller has not yet shipped when the consumer applies for a refund, the seller shall obtain the consent of the consumer before shipping. 3. The seller delayed delivery, or without the consent of the consumer after the consumer application for refund, the seller shall recover the issued goods, except for the consumer has signed and confirmed receipt of goods.

8Signing for goods

1. After the seller delivers the goods as agreed, the consignee has the obligation to receive the goods in time. The consignee may sign for the goods himself or entrust others to sign for the goods, and the signature of the entrusted person shall be considered as the consignee's own signature. 2. The consumer only filled in the delivery address, but did not fill in the consignee or fill in the consignee information is not specific, the goods in the delivery address was signed for, the receipt is deemed to be signed for by the consumer himself.