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How to use our custom

Customers can customize their favorite products with us.
Enter desired text, graphics, photos, etc.
If you don’t know how to operate this function, please read the following carefully.

1、Select the item you want to buy from our website.

2、Click to view the product information. You can see the Customize button.

3、Click Customize you will see a screen like this.

You can choose everything you want here, and you can insert the text and pictures you want to customize your own products.The options you need to use are all here, and you can go ahead and configure them at your leisure.

4、Text insertion

Click the “text” button, a text input box will appear in which you can enter the text you want. And put it anywhere you like in the product. And you can change the size and color of the text as you like.

Click the “text” button, the text input box appears
Enter the text pattern you want and change its properties on top

Click on the “images” button and select the image file you want, it will be displayed in the product on the right and you can change its size and position.

5、When customizing your product, you can add it to the shopping cart and then go to checkout.

Add to cart and checkout