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New NO.9, new NO.10, smash 60 million… AC Milan upstaged in summer transfer window

“How about the red and black wearing on me? Perfect.” Giroud did not change his confidence and make Milan fans comfortable. But the Frenchman’s number choice made red and black fans worry about his new season. Charm NO.Nine, can they win the World Cup title?

Giroud challenges the “non-existent spell”

In fact, it is not so much a number spell as a mirror of the bleak age of AC Milan. Partodo was injured, Torres and Mandzukic were old, Marri, Desstro, Adriano and Rapadura were mediocre, while Andre Silva and Piontek were dim with the team’s frontal line. After inzaghi, milan only heavyweight 9 is Higuain, Argentina in red and black get goals and confidence, see the spell will break, league and Juventus, Higuain left the league game against Juventus after missing a penalty, become the turning point of his red and black career, then he was returned by Milan, via Chelsea back to Juventus, and came to Miami international, at the speed of light out of the mainstream football stage.

What fate was it placed before Giroud? At least at one point, the Frenchman can pride the ex 9 Manzukic and star 9 Higuain. AC Milan seem to be further and further from the world champions, without any World Cup champions number, and Giroud’s move filled the gap.

The performance of the Red and Black No. 9 in the World Cup in Russia has already explained his Milan career in advance: In this tournament, Giroud, who was ridiculed by Benzema as a “karting” in the future, get zero goal, but he was still an important member of Didier Deschamps command, his frontcourt fulcrum role and coping ability make the luxurious attack group behind him a fish in water. Milanello is not Clarefontaine, Leon and Dias are not Mbappe and Griezmann, but Giroud can still take on the role of old and new in the technical and tactical and psychological levels.

Ibrahimovic currently, if there are no surprises, Giroud’s initial positioning in Milan will still be a backup center. Even so, Giroud’s situation is completely different from Mandzukic, who joined half a year ago. The two are about the same age, and both played as starting centers in the 2018 World Cup finals. However, the Croatian had not played in an official game for 10 months before coming to Milan. Giroud, although the goal efficiency is not in the top sequence, is never far from the highest level of football arena. Think long-term injury last season, Ibrahimovic, Milan striker was forced to push Rebic to the frontal line, with unstable performance , in some sessions even have to gamble the state of Mandžukić- with Giroux to join such a dilemma will gone.

New 10 Dias continues the lead

After finalized the the NO. 9, Milan also quickly confirmed the new NO. 10 next season: acquaintance Brahim Dias. On the morning of the 17th, the Spanish flew from Madrid to join the team. Brahim will play for another two years on loan, with a 22 million buyout and Real Madrid with an anti-buyout for 27 million euros. It looked like a Cavahaal trade, but the Bernabeu was talented up front, and the Brazilian Vinicius and Rodrigo were even younger than Brahim, whose space in Madrid was not comparable to the Spanish right-back that year.

From this point of view, Brahim has a great chance of becoming a regular, not necessarily a transition candidate for Milan. Red and black NO. 10, may be too heavy for Spanish boys, the owner of this number, in the past is Rivera, Guli, boban, Savicevich and west dorf, but in recent years, with Honda isuke and charhan ollu has put on the shirt, Milan fans have been relieved: Can it be worse?

Last season, Brahim made 39 appearances in Milan, scoring 7 goals and 4 assists. The real highlight of a transcript above the pass is three goals in the Europa League: Pioli hopes the man, guided by Guardiola and Zidane, will surprise next season’s Champions League. Of course, Milan won’t put eggs in one basket: the team gets closer to CSKA Moscow, and despite of number choice, the Croats may be the first choice to replace Chalkhanollu.

In addition, the Rossoneri are also reinforcing in other positions. Tardic has signed his contract with Ajax, but Milan are still aiming at another Ajax star, Chiesh, to fully upgrade for the right winger. Ibrahimovic and Giroud formed the 74-year-old strike group, but Milan are not satisfied, aiming at 19-year-old Santos center Cayo Ruoheat, whose contract expires by the end of the year, a long delay means troubles. Milan may also about price 10 million euros to determine the new Brazilian star.

The latest official announcement is left-back Bolo Turre from Monaco. The 24-year-old Senegal has arrived in Milan and will be the perfect substitute for the new season. Previously, Milan have used 15 million Mineon, 28 million buyout Tonory, 10 million to retain Tonali, plus Giroud (1 million fixed 1 million floating transfer fee), Brahim Dias (3 million loan fee) and Barlow Toure (4.2 million), Elliott has spent more than 60 million euros in this summer window. Such spending efficiency envy Inter Milan, who has just sold Ashraf Haqimi, and Juventus, who are still arguing for Locatli.

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