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The final is life, all success is the accumulation of countless sufferings

If you let the players choose, they are willing to lose 10,000 games, and they are not willing to lose a final.

Especially at home.

The old folks are waiting for you to triumph. Your whole family and neighbors may have hung up the national flag and your national team jerseys all over the street at this moment, just waiting for you to come back, drinking and singing.
However, everything is shattered, and the most terrifying thing in life is the huge expectation, which has turned into tens of thousands of times of loss. Almost all the Englishmen took off the silver medal Cheferin had just put on them within a second after they stepped onto the podium.
Among the gold, silver and bronze medals, the silver medal is the most heart-warming. It gives you the feeling that it is far more painful, more disappointed, more cruel, and more heartbroken than empty-handed, out of the group, and eliminated in the qualifiers.
Southgate is too young, especially as a coach. He has experienced too few failures. The British only mentioned the moment when his feet were soft in the 1996 European Cup semi-finals and the British-German penalty shootout, without telling him Mancini’s experience. How much has been-in the 1992 Champions League final at Wembley, Sampdoria suffered from the heart-wrenching loss of an extra time free kick to Ronald Koeman against Barcelona, ​​and was eliminated countless times in the Champions League after coaching, and The FA Cup final was defeated by Wigan in the last minute, so get out of class was dismissed.
Therefore, when everyone was holding Donnarumma, Mancini tried his best to keep calm, but when his decades-old comrade Vialli rushed to him, he could no longer control his emotions. All in all, in the tight embrace, let the tears flow and wash away the years.

There is no better taste of this moment than these two old men who both went through the 1992 finals.

All success is the accumulation of countless sufferings, and the wine of victory is the result of countless heart-wrenching tears.

No one told Southgate that Italy had lost three consecutive World Cup penalty shootouts in exchange for the success of a World Cup final penalty shootout.

No one told Southgate that Italy had only 17 seconds left in the European Cup finals. The defeat was equalized, reversed, and lore. They had lost the most desperate and most disparity in the history of all World Series finals in exchange for this point. The success of the ball fight.

No one told Southgate that two years ago, the 35-year-old Chiellini experienced the worst nightmare of a player-a torn knee ligament, reimbursed for the season, let alone a 35-year-old player. Indeed, Chiellini Lini has almost no completely healthy muscle in his body. In the second game of the group match against Switzerland, Chiellini pulled off his leg muscle in the opening 20 minutes, which has been his normal in recent years.

In the past two years, ligaments, reimbursements, epidemics, and lost championships, Juventus’s only player to participate in the nine consecutive championships, the number of consecutive championships is fixed at nine. Naturally, everyone thinks that he is over, and he is even already. Thinking about going to the Major Leagues to play for a year or two, and then retire.

However, the 37-year-old Chiellini, from three meters away in the European Cup final, flew to shovel Sterling’s single-handedly, cleanly! The 37-year-old Chiellini, when Sterling had knocked him down and was about to dribble through the bottom line, sat on the ground and stretched out a big foot to break the breakthrough!

No one told Southgate that in the desperate final of 2012, Chiellini retired from an injury in the opening 20 minutes and watched Italy get four goals from Spain.

If Southgate knew all this, he would understand what a brilliant brilliance a 37-year-old player who is about to “end” would burst into this tournament with his life’s skills.

If Southgate knew all this, he would not let 23-year-old Rashford, 21-year-old Sancho, 19-year-old Saka, go up and kick the kick that is related to national luck at that moment of suffocation!

Even Rashford and Sancho played in the 120th minute. They didn’t even have time to “warm their feet”, so they had to kick that heavy-duty kick with a sense of cold feet!

Of course, Southgate has never been to Covilciano’s coaching class, and no mentor told him that when you get a dream start, you start to shrink. You waste the angry waves of cheering at home and leave your opponents stunned and silent. , After trying again and again, I slowly recovered my state and confidence.

Michels, who has passed away, had no chance to tell Southgate that the most regrettable decision in his life was the dream start to the 1974 World Cup final. After a penalty kick took the lead in the opening 2 minutes, he flinched.

No Italian fan told Southgate that Mancini really had no license! When Chiesa was off the field, Italy ranked three “Beibe” strikers-“Red Bebe” Belotti, “Green Bebe” Berardi, and “Purple Bebe” Bernardeschi. What a desperate combination. The red and green are not even ranked in the Europa League, and Zi Beibei has scored…1 goal in Serie A in two years at Juventus.

No one told Southgate, your cards are, really, many times better than Mancini!

But Mancini can tell Southgate that “tactics” is not the most important thing. There is no tactic in the world that pulls 70-point players to 120-point level out of thin air, but you can have the courage, you can try, you can Like Chiellini, treat this game as the last one in your life, enjoy, fight, and kick!

Life will return you in the finals, as long as you lose enough times.

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