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Remember the heroes of the European Cup final 5 years ago?


“Everyone can be famous for 15 minutes.”

For this famous quote from Andy Warhol half a century ago, the 33-year-old Portuguese forward Ed is probably one of the most powerful representatives. Even though, he is currently waiting for employment, and the next contract is still unknown. But when he waits for the European Cup final every five years, how can his “15 minutes” be forgotten by the world…

On July 9, 2016, on the eve of the European Cup final, Portugal’s Cedric, Fonte, Ed and others went to the sauna to relax. This is their rare sauna experience during the competition. Everyone chatted and joked, thinking about the peak match-up with France the next day. In Cedric’s memory, a teammate said to Ed, who played only 13 minutes in the first 6 games: “Tomorrow you will score…” And Fonte also added fuel and jealousy: “Yes, tomorrow will be yours. The world…”

Such unintentional talk seems to have become a kind of psychological hint, so that on the day of the game, veteran Bruno Alves also whispered to the Lille center: “Today, you will score a goal…”

At the same time, in Birmingham, England, thousands of miles away, a 32-year-old Aston Villa fan named Cheek is preparing to participate in a million-dollar special bet. The rules of this activity are simple, but extremely difficult. The content of the bets of the participants can only be the first players and the specific time, and nothing else. If there is no answer to a complete hit, the organizer will find the one with the closest guessing time among all the players who guessed the goal correctly.

After some consideration, Cheek set his own betting answer: Ed, 84th minute.

For the Chinese fans who want to fight at night, it was a final from late night to daybreak. The French threatened the hinterland guarded by Fonte and Pepe again and again. The Portuguese team, who lost Ronaldo, seemed to have to drag the game to A penalty kick can be exchanged for a glimmer of life. In the 79th minute of the game, the Portuguese coach Fernando Santos made a substitution adjustment: Renato Sanchez went down and Ed went up. When standing in the substitution area and listening to Santos’ instructions, Ed confidently expressed the mysterious psychological hint: “Don’t worry, I will score a goal.”
More than half an hour later, in the 109th minute of overtime, Ed, who only scored three goals in double figures in the first 10 seasons of his career, drove the ball forward under the watchful eyes of the Portuguese soldiers. Midfielder Moutinho recalled afterwards: “At that time, I was standing behind him, hoping that he would not shoot, but I finally decided not to call anything, so as not to interfere with his decision.” Same as Moutinho. , Right back Cedric thought so too: “Don’t hit the door, this is too far away…”
However, for the courageous and determined Ed, he had only one thought after breaking off Koscielny’s fight: “I’m going to the goal, I’m going to shoot… To be honest, I didn’t realize the distance at all. Near and far, the only idea is to shoot with the right foot. It was not until later that I realized that the distance of the kick was indeed a bit far.”

It was a seemingly ordinary but mysterious lore trajectory. The friction of the turf and the catalysis of the continuous bounce caused the speed of the ball to continue to increase. When Lori hurriedly threw sideways and stretched out his right arm to block, everything was too late. Ed unexpectedly took a long shot with his right foot outside the penalty area, bringing Portugal the first Delaunay Cup in history and letting the sword go. The slant Cheek received a valuable surprise.

Born in Guinea-Bissau, suffered a family tragedy, debuted in the third tier of the Portuguese league, the resume of the five major European leagues is short and weak-almost because of public opinion can not go to France’s Ed, thus became Portugal’s national hero.
However, after the end of the 2016 European Cup, Ed’s club performance has not changed qualitatively. In 2017, he was loaned by Lille and then officially transferred to Lokomotiv Moscow. The total data after the 4 seasons was only 119 appearances and 14 appearances. Goals, including only 2 goals in 26 games last season. However, his “koi” temperament has followed all the way, with 1 Russian Super Championship, 2 Russian Cup championships and 1 Russian Super Cup.
This summer, Ed’s contract with Lokomotiv Moscow expired, and he became a “unemployed” middle-aged man like Messi. Before the start of the European Cup, he also connected with several media outlets to re-talk about the lore moment 5 years ago.
The 15 minutes of fame are gone, but Ed’s name and the goal are forever written in the glorious history of Portugal and the European Cup.

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