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Column丨Italian Renaissance, Interpretation of the Beautiful Samp Post


When the Italian national team had an excellent record in the European Cup group stage, the 62-year-old Italian actress Lori Del Santo told National Radio about a romantic relationship between herself and Mancini many years ago.

“I happened to go to a dinner party somewhere, and I don’t even remember who invited me. It was very late after dinner that day, and I don’t know where to spend the night. I understand that both Viali and Mancini are both. Interested in me, I need to choose who to spend the night with, that is, one night, I will leave in the morning. I chose Mancini, although Viali is very handsome, but to me, he looks more like a flower Son. Mancini looks sweeter to me, maybe I prefer a relatively safe choice. It turns out to be so, Mancini is incredibly sweet. His inner world is unique” .

Lori’s disclosure of the past has become an important conversation for Italians, but this is not the same way as talking about the Roman teenager Zaniolo’s courtship star Madalina. The two are already in their 60s. The background of the story should be 30 years ago. The Italians are more reminded of that period of time:

The melody of “Italian Summer” reverberates under the blue sky. Serie A has attracted most of the world’s top stars. Serie A teams are regulars in the finals of the three European Cups. More importantly, in that era, consumerism still Its destined stench makes most young people feel the emptiness of life, especially Italian-style consumerism is regarded as a symbol of “sweet life”. The love between men and women is also rich in texture, allowing Luo Li to choose between “the handsome guy” and the “sweet warm guy”.

On the evening of June 26, at Wembley Stadium in London, Chiesa Jr. scored a goal that broke the deadlock in the overtime game against Austria. Viali came over from the team’s staff seat and played with Mancini. Hugging tightly, this shot has become a good talk for Italians. The “Handsome Huahua” who grew up in the manor mansion has an old face. He suffered from pancreatic cancer in 2017 and was almost pulled back from a ghost gate. He has not recovered. He is the leader of the national team and is a spiritual symbol.

The “sweet warm man” from a small town in the mountain has gray hair and sweetness in his eyes that cannot hide his perseverance. He has changed his football. He is deeply inspired by Guardiola. He wants to lead the revival of Italy with offensive football. In 2018 Almost only he was so confident in that trough. The Italian team re-inspired the enthusiasm of the Chinese people after 3 years. The most thankful thing is the persistence of this “sweet warm man”.
When discussing the decline or rise of a country’s football level, the most popular vocabulary used by people is “mode.”
In just three years, Italy has undergone a completely reborn change, which has nothing to do with the “model”, because none of it is mechanical and routine. It is not so much that Mancini has created a new kind of football in Italy, as it is that he has built a new blue community in the Italian national team.

From this perspective, perhaps people will think of the Sampdoria that won almost everything: the Coppa Italia, the Serie A champion, the Cup Winners’ Cup champion-they scored in the Champions League final at Wembley and Barcelona Overtime, he was eventually killed by Koeman’s free kick. The team coached by Boskov has a strong brotherhood inside. Although Samp is not a Serie A giant, the players are full of confidence and enthusiasm for victory. The Serie A championship won by Samp in the 1990-91 season is right and wrong. The fairy tale of a giant team dominating Serie A for the last time.

The important honor that the Italian national team has won in history must be related to having a super united and harmonious team, whether it is the 1982 World Cup or the 2006 World Cup. Those catastrophic experiences are often directly related to internal conflicts, such as the player conflict between the North and South teams in the 1974 World Cup. After the 2014 World Cup, Buffon also complained about the behavior of some young players.
It is precisely the latter part of the past that makes people worry about the prospects of the Italian team. Will the new generation of players still have the same sense of hunger, honor and mission as the old generation?
Mancini’s Italian team is using his own example to illustrate that neither the sense of honor nor the sense of mission can be forced in the form of admonitions, reprimands, etc. There is no such thing as one generation must know more than the other. Everything is just A question of atmosphere.
After Viali and Evani joined, Mancini’s national team is more like a “friends” crew. Counting Lombardo (midfielder), Salsano (midfielder) and Nuchiari (goalkeeper) in the coaching staff, Mancini first reconstructed a similarity to Sampdoli in the Italian coaching staff. Asian atmosphere. The superior-subordinate relationship without command tone is more based on cooperation based on respect and trust. The hierarchy between people is natural and can be broken at any time in non-work situations.

Some people think that “Italian team’s biggest card is the head coach”, but they are just a little bit right. The Italian team has many players who play for rich clubs, or the core figures of small and medium clubs, not all of them have grown up in humility. The real secret is that Mancini allows the players to experience the preciousness of this atmosphere full of friendship and unity. Not only is it unnecessary to play big names and make emotions, but it also makes the players feel too abrupt. Immobile and Belotti compete for the same main position, but they are very good friends and encourage each other.

Interpersonal relationship issues often make modern industrial humans unable to extricate themselves. This is a matter that no one can truly grasp. Individuals who successfully wander between various relationships are often lucky people full of opportunism, but at the same time they may also produce a lot of self-righteous but messy unlucky individuals.
The internal atmosphere of a certain successful team is so enviable because it hides a certain utopian message. The individuals in it have a good organization, mutual trust, and unconstrained expression space, which is naturally formed and lacks oppressiveness and coercion. The order of sex, as well as the church-style brotherly care.

However, it cannot be imitated by any other society or collective, because the demand for personality enhancement in sports cannot be found anywhere else. In many cases, the use of rules and power to suppress individuality is even regarded as a rigid need.

The inner atmosphere of that Sampdoria was so happy and joyous that it was not even necessary for Luo Li to come out in person 30 years later to tell the story of Viali Mancini, even though there were all kinds of stories widely circulated at the time.

The most classic one is: One night, Vialli, Mancini and Salsano had dinner, Vialli talked about his teammate Dossena borrowing his house because of a secret meeting with a woman. Viali proposed, “Now let’s spoil his good deeds together.” As a result, Viali opened the door and three good friends discovered together that it was Mancini’s wife Federica who was having a tryst with Dosena.
The story spread so widely that some fans put up a banner in the stands, “Did you know Filippo? Dossena is your dad”. Filippo is the eldest son of Mancini and Federica. The gossip did not cause Mancini’s marriage crisis.
Thirty years later, Dorsena responded to this rumor for the first time. He said: “Have I clarified the so-called betrayal story with Mancini? Mancini and I often talk to each other, and no one needs to explain to anyone. What. These jokes are purely fabricated, but if people like to believe these things, they can continue to do so. I can guarantee that these things have never damaged our relationship.”

Lori chose Mancini and never destroyed the relationship between Mancini and Viali. The friendship contained in that Wembley hug can only be fully understood by two men who had been waiting to be picked by the same woman.

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