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Ronaldo can run behind the suffering of who understands, he stretched his neck hoping for a pseudo superstar


The statistics of the group stage of the Europa League were released, and C Luo he collected a lot of praise again.

The data shows that C Luo ran a total of 26.9 kilometers in the three group games, with an average running distance of 9 kilometers. In contrast, the other forwards in the Europa League, the average running average is 6.2 kilometers.

When you see such data, you can’t help but give a thumbs up to C Luo because he is 36 years old and still so desperate to run. Can you not marvel at such a desperate effort?

Kick Hungary,C luo’s heat map

In fact, C Luo so hard behind, but the endless suffering.

In the three group games of the European Cup, C Luo has one obvious characteristic – the coverage is really big. From the heat map of playing Hungary, Germany and France, you can see that C Luo’s range of activities is left-center-right, and even will often retreat to the midfield. Seeing such a heat map, it is understandable that C Luo runs 9 km in a single game.


For C Luo’s positioning, I believe most people understand that he has long been used as a center forward. But in this year’s Euro, C Luo has more responsibilities, he not only has to play center forward to destroy the city, but also from time to time to pull back, pull the side, to support the team’s organization. Against France, C Luo held the ball many times to help Portugal control the ball.


So, C Luo’s tiredness is reflected in two points, first, he is pulling the side at the same time, but also constantly rushing into the box, acting as a center forward to score, in other words, when C Luo pull the side, Portugal no one can threaten the opponent’s defense.

Secondly, the main responsibility of the center forward C Luo to a certain extent need to support the team organization. In other words, Portugal lacks a real nucleus that can control the rhythm of the team’s attack. That’s why C Luo needs to be both a father (scoring goals) and a mother (pulling the side to organize).


When you see this, you will surely say wait a minute, isn’t the Portuguese general Bruno Fernandes perfect for this duty? He is a strong organizer and a very efficient goal scorer, isn’t he just right to support Portugal’s attack?

Yes, on paper, B fee is capable of that. At United, he made 37 Premier League appearances and contributed 18 goals and 12 assists, which is really amazing efficiency.

But in the Portuguese team, the B fee did not achieve this effect.

In terms of attacking power, B fee is almost invisible. In the three group games of the Europa League, B fee started the first two games and came on as a substitute in the third game, resulting in 0 goals and 0 assists, with only 0.7 shots on goal per game. Don’t forget, in the EPL, B fee’s average number of shots on goal was as high as 3.3. At the attacking level, B fee is not at all comparable to Man Utd.


In terms of organization, B fee is also extremely disappointing. In the first match against Hungary, B fee played 88 minutes, but he only made 30 passes. In the second match against Germany, B fee played 63 minutes and only made 28 passes. As the attacking core of the team, such organization is a big disappointment.


It is for this reason that by the third match of the Europa League group stage, Portugal’s manager Santos made a decisive choice, he put B fee on the bench and abandoned him for the life-or-death match, which fully showed his dissatisfaction with B fee.


Mourinho then criticized B fee, saying, “Portugal can beat any team at the highest level, but what we need is 11 players. In the first two games of the group stage, B fee was on the field but he was invisible.”

B fee has incredible potential, he can pass, he can score, and he can take penalties and free kicks. His arsenal is too rich, but the fact is he was invisible in the group stage. Portugal have three great attackers – Jota, Cairo and B XI – but someone needs to link them together and Bfe has the ability to do that, but as of yet, he hasn’t played that role.”

This is the crux of the problem in Portugal today, B fee’s invisibility directly led to the Portuguese front line can not become an organic whole, as the leader and the team’s number one star C Luo, forced to have to take more responsibility. So, C Luo to pull the side, to support the organization, but also as a winger to score goals. Such a heavy burden, forcing C Luo must always run up.


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