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Category: Euro 2020


Remember the heroes of the European Cup final 5 years ago?

“Everyone can be famous for 15 minutes.”

For this famous quote from Andy Warhol half a century ago, the 33-year-old Portuguese forward Ed is probably one of the most powerful representatives. Even though, he is currently waiting for employment, and the next contract is still unknown. But when he waits for the European Cup final every five years, how can his “15 minutes” be forgotten by the world…


Germany stopped in the quarterfinals, where did Loew go wrong?

At Wembley, we lost to rival England 0-2, and the German team stopped in the European Cup 1/8 finals. This was the worst European Cup performance in Loew’s tenure. Following the bottom of the team in the 2018 World Cup, he became a “Sixteen Lang” in the European Cup, and Love’s self-redemption ended in failure. But the biggest failure of the German team is not the result of only 1 win in 4 games, but the fact that some of the phased results achieved in the past 3 years have not been shown in this competition. In the face of tremendous results and pressure from public opinion, Loew’s decision to switch to three central defenders and re-call Thomas Muller and Hummels to grind his guns brought even greater disappointment. It was ironic that Hummels started with an own goal and ended with Mueller’s single shot.


France upset. Mbappe is going to be condemned for some while

The one who didn’t score the penalty is be the sinner, unless you are Robert Bagjo of the 1994 World Cup, who once single-handedly led his own country to the final and can conquer the world with his eyes. But apparently Killian Mbappe was ‘ not Prince melancholy Prince, a 22-year-old Frenchman eager to ascend the throne at Euro 2021. On the stage where he should show his talent, Galaul’s “future leader” was hit, not only saying goodbye to this competition, but the coveted Golden Globe Award may also say goodbye this year.